Everyone were busy with their life

Nobody have time for others
We were close with our friends and family
But everyone were busy with their phone and computer
Don’t have time to talk with family and friends who are near to us
We will regret when they are gone
And we didn’t spend our precious moments with them.


Everyone death

I was standing under the electric pole and suddenly I heard a great burst and everywhere was on fire and I see everywhere people were running and screaming as they were afraid to get on fire. I to run away from the crowded place and I see a policeman was trying to help the people and he was burnt charcoal-black by the electric light, Nobody dares to help him I too was trying to find a place to escape and hide from the fire, People where dying and wherever I go there is only dead body after a few miles I go I see a woman in blonde hair take a shower in the middle of the way I watch her and wait for her to finish and ask help from her to show me the way, but no matter how long I wait she didn’t see me and I walk away from that place and try to find my own way to reach home.